The Right For Gun Control Essay

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The Right for Guns

For most gun owners, guns are not only a right but a necessity. People need guns to protect themselves against government tyranny, lunatics, and government drones. As the gun control advocates continue always harping on how the government should ban guns, now is the time more than ever, for law abiding citizens to arm themselves and their families. Many people have begun to realize that guns are not the problem and never have been. Most mass shootings that ever have taken place are due to the side effect of people taking psychotropic drugs that their doctor prescribes them. People should own guns for protection of themselves and their families.

Ever since guns were invented they have been used in a positive way and a negative way. Just because some drugged up maniac goes on a killing spree, does not mean the average law abiding gun owner will do the same. The same concept can be associated with car wrecks, lets say an alcoholic gets in his Chevrolet pickup truck and drives around and hits a car and kills the other driver. Now would people ban all Chevrolet automobiles, no because not all the people driving Chevrolet automobiles are alcoholics and will wreck there automobiles.

Guns can be used in a positive manner as well. For example, lets say a sexual offender attempts to break into an elderly ladies home while the ladies grandchildren are visiting and breaks in a window and gets in the house. One of the boys knows where his grandpa 's shotgun is…

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