The Right Choice : Bernie Sanders Essay

1487 Words Mar 18th, 2016 6 Pages
As we all must know, presidential elections are coming up and that leaves us to the question of, who truly is this president and what do they stand for that could empower and make the United States a better place to live? Bernie Sanders is one of the many of the choices that you might choose from when you go and vote this year, but in order to vote for the right choice to improve our nation, we must know more about Bernie and what he stands for. To start learning about a person, we should start from the past, and work our way to the present. Born in Brooklyn, NYC to parents of Eli and Dorothy Sanders. Being born into lower-middle class, since his parents’ grew up from barley nothing since his dad worked and his mother was a stay at home housewife. Both Bernie and his two brothers attained their education from public schools in NYC. When graduation was upon his family and him his mother grew quickly ill. Bernie stayed with his mother until she died of a failed heart surgery at the age of 46. After the trauma that came with Bernie’s’ mom passing away, he felt the need to move and start on a new life, one that would be started at the University of Chicago. As a presidential candidate, the candidate has many qualities that they must have to appeal to those who will be voting. Such as their voting record, Sanders from Jan 2007 to March of 2016 has missed 131 of 2,865 roll call votes which accounts for 4.6% of the total congregation voting. Another item that the people of…

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