The Rhetorical Decision, Using All Our Senses, And Two Descriptions

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The rhetorical decision, using all our senses, and two descriptions paper lessons were my favorite. Learning how to write not just my opinion and views, but rather factor in who I was trying to capture with my writing was a new learning experience for me. Military writing has been my main form of writing for a long period of time and in that form of writing your main goal was to get the objective across without much concern for those that would be reading the document. Most letters I wrote were meant to be directives and not up for discussion. Also, I enjoyed the exercises where we used all our senses. It has been a long time since I have done an exercise of that type. I pride myself on using more than just my sight to interact with my environment, it allows me to remember more of my daily life and even recall more than most of previous events of my life for me to look back on with fond memories. Lastly, the two description paper was my easiest and most favorite assignment. Learning how to emphasize and de-emphasize positives and negatives in your writing was quite exciting for me. I have done this type of writing before, but was unaware that there was more to it than what I had done. The writing style I used before was either positive or negative. However, I had never thought to do both in the same sentence which opened my mind to a new style of writing.
Originally, I wanted to take this course at the beginning of my path to my Bachelor’s Degree to learn the college format…

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