The Resurrection Of Jesus, God The Son Essay

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Transcendence is the belief that a divine realm exists outside of the universe. It is the belief that there is one God, you have a soul, and after death you go to Heaven or Hell. Christianity is one of the religions that was formed out of this belief. Christianity claims that Jesus, God the Son, came to earth to reveal the Father to us and then save us from our sins by dying on the cross about 2,000 years ago. Salvation, which is basically the deliverance from our sins, involves transformation. This transformation is from an average human being to becoming a son or daughter in Christ. We refer to Jesus as God the Son instead of Son the God because it emphasizes his divinity. By being the perfect son, He shows the Father perfectly.
Another thing Christianity claims is the resurrection of Christ. If true, this is the main event that happened that makes us think that Jesus is truly God the Son. Resurrection is a thing that only God himself could accomplish. Resurrection could easily be confused with resuscitation, but they are two separate things. Someone who is resurrected will have an eternal body and never die again. Someone who is resuscitated is simply brought back to life and will later die again. There were many resuscitations that took place in the bible but Jesus Christ was the only one that was actually resurrected. However, Jesus was the resuscitator in many of these stories. He resuscitated the widow of Zarapeth’s son, Jairus’s daughter, the…

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