The Restaurant Business Is Really A Big Financial Gamble Essay

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The restaurant business is definitely a big financial gamble. If the type or origin of food served does not meet the level of expectation of the community, it will definitely be a financial crisis. On the other hand, if the business does live up to its expectations, there should be a reward for the employees that thrived to not only improve but show the greatness of the restaurant. When Zaytoon Grill, a Persian restaurant, was first opened in 2010, there was a lot of criticism about the new restaurant surviving. The main reason behind the judgments was because Persian Room, one of the best Persian restaurants in the country, was only 4 miles away from Zaytoon. The very few devoted employees made the impossible happen. Although there is never more than one person working in the front, taking orders, serving, and busting tables all at the same time, no one has ever complained about the low wages due to the financial sacrifice this business has made by attempting to compete with Persian Room. After six productive years of business, and no raise for the senior employees, there is a great amount of frustration built up inside of us. With no annual increase or even holiday bonus, since Zaytoon Grill is open 365 days a year, it only comes to show much much the owner loves it’s employees. The Persian restaurant places only one employee in the front to take orders of customers that walk in, over the phone, serve all orders, make sure the orders are correct before serving,…

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