The Responsibilities Of An Adult Essay

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While moving daily in our given space, the satisfactory accomplishment of certain activities (school, work, leisure) depends on the organization of our journeys. Contingent on the environment in which these actions take place, different elements such as age, social group or family situation are taken into consideration. The mental and process of things is different from one individual to another. Some are more responsible or are freer in their actions (adults), others are in between stages or must learn a new sense of about their own identity (adolescents). Adolescence can be a time of both confusion and great discovery. It is the time when an individual has more freedom than when he/she were a child, and not yet the responsibilities of an adult. The transitional period from being a child to an adult or “adult in the making” period could bring up issues of independence (autonomy), self-identity, or sexuality. During the observation of adolescents of different ages in various settings, one hypothesis was made. The hypothesis stipulated that the quest for autonomy and socialization would vary according to the adolescents’ ages and their conformity to social norms. This analysis was carried out only on two types of students: middle school and high school students in the San Pedro, California area. Given the similarity of the representations of these young people ages, it seemed appropriate to group some ages together into one group. Three groups were thus constituted of: early…

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