The Resolution List And Make It Meaningless Essay

794 Words Sep 11th, 2015 4 Pages
At the end of each year, we all seem to have to think about the same list or that big goal. The infamous resolution list. You’re ready to start that fresh start. The mass majority of American’s society partakes health on top of that bucket list. Each year. You start off thriving, but then the lack of effort appears. The majority of unhealthy people struggle with fitness due to the lack of knowledge. Awareness can bring attention to these complications needed for adjusting, which is necessary for striving for improvements. Procrastination is the act of putting off doing things at a later time and maybe for no particular reason. The act of this alone can demolish your resolution list and make it meaningless. It is also a mental health issue that can affect all the health wellness factors. If you come across procrastination in your new life experience you may not prosper, a study shows that 46 percent of people diagnosed with procrastination is heritable. And it also shows procrastination and impulsivity are linked primarily through genetic guidance on the ability to use high-priority goals to mutilate bad behaviors. {Gustavson, Genetic Relations among Procrastination, Impulsivity, and Goal-Management Ability Implications for the Evolutionary Origin of Procrastination}
Overcoming this issue or potential disease is not easy, but nevertheless is not impossible. Decreasing procrastination can lead to better health wellness. To stop avoiding tasks that need to be done think about…

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