The Requirements For Starting A Corporation Essay

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Research the requirements for starting a corporation in the United States, India, and China. What are the basic requirements?
China is taken over the markets by storm and foreign investors normally would get time to get used to doing business in China. In 1980, China opened up its doors to foreign direct investment whereas in India it only began about a decade ago. In recent years there has been a far greater number of multination corporations because they have been exposes to Chinese system of administration compared to the India’s. “However, when benchmarked by global institutions such as the World Bank through its annual Ease of Doing Business index, China outplaces India by a decent margin,” (Asia, 2016). In the United States, non-residents will have to go through all the same steps as a resident when setting up a corporation; they may be some additional complications. As most non-residents have to accustom themselves with international tax law, getting visas and opening a bank account present the most problems. Each of these topics is very complicated. The following below are the basic requirement and steps that can be taken in setting up a corporation in United States, china and India:
Getting Visas and Work Permits
In India, there have been steps taken to easy the restriction placed on work permits or visas while china does not provide that. The immigration laws in India state that foreigners must register with the Foreigners Regional Registration Office…

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