Essay The Renewal Of Our Minds

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The Renewal of Our Minds Sitting atop the centerpiece of any crown is a stone known as the crown jewel. In Paul’s extensive resume of writings, there is perhaps no jewel that sits higher than Romans 12:1-2. Adjoining it on either the right or the left side one may likely find Philippians 4:8-9. These two passages capture the essence of Paul’s teaching on believers living transformed lives. This paper will briefly analyze the two passages from a historical and literary perspective and discuss their meanings, how the meanings contribute to the idea of transformed lives and the application of the passages in aiding us to avoid sin. Finally, this essay will briefly discuss the application of these passages in my personal life and will list ways that the renewal of the mind might be emphasized to my membership. Paul’s letter to the church at Rome examines some practical implications of the word. These implications answers the question: How should a devout Christian saved by grace, exemplify the life of Christ in their everyday walk, as it relates to evil doers, other believers, and community. Romans 12, Paul appeals to the reader, to recall “all that God has done for you,” grace and mercy given daily. Paul compels the reader to be partakers of true worship calls for total commitment, all should “present their bodies as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God” (Rom. 12:1). The body represents the entire life. Our body is the means by which we offer true worship to God.…

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