The Renaissance Was The Birth Place Of Modern History Essay

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The Renaissance

The period that came right after the Middle Ages was known as the Renaissance. According to Mr.Dowling, “ The Renaissance was the birth place of modern history”. During the Renaissance Europe saw a plethora of values come back to life from Rome and Greece . New technologies were developed like the Printing Press. People wanted to know so much about the world around them so they sailed away on ships and new continents were discovered. Art was especially big during this time period as well. The Renaissance started in Italy where everything was surrounded by culture. Because trade was so amazing during this time period, this made many merchant families very wealthy. Those Merchant families were the ones that were commissioning those beautiful art pieces. Considering that the re-birth was growing into full form so was religion. According to Nagel, a plethora amount of new theories came into play during this time period. People were very religious during this time. Religious leaders in the church were being very challenged with these new theories because they believe in the Holy Trinity.

During the Renaissance, Europe saw some incredible revival of sculpture , architecture, fine art paintings, and drawings. The Renaissance brought a lot of classical Greek art back into play. This cultural movement gave a great amount of inspiration to artist all around. Paintings from the Renaissance were more realistic from earlier works in different time periods. In…

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