The Relationship Between The And Mr. Hardy, By William Golding

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Which brings up the question, why does he then refuse to admit to other people that he once worked for Darlington when they ask him, while under the employment of Mr. Farraday? We know that it isn’t actually the case that it is customary for British people to do this because he is telling us, and only seems embarrassed for himself or even for Lord Darlington after he has died. When Mr. Farraday’s guests ask if he worked for the Lord Darlington, he refuses to admit it, causing Farraday to be embarrassed after boasting to have bought an old English house, with an English butler. The difference between the relationships he holds between the two employers are similar but very slightly tweaked. As Mr. Farraday is a rather American person, he is very upfront and almost chummy with his butler, and Lord Darlington very much so treats Mr. Stevens like a butler. Although he does so, it is clear he is a very kind employer, which is why Mr. Stevens may have no bad thoughts towards him, and may have some confusion and uncertainty towards Mr. Farraday.
When Mr. Stevens leaves the house and ventures to a different part of the country for the first time in his life, he seems to gain a completely different personality, losing much of his stiffness and becomes much looser and happier of a person. When he finds the farmers and stay the night in the Taylors house, he gets an almost new persona. One where he is loose and is nearly something he is not, something important and somebody who deals…

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