The Relationship Between Jean Watson 's Theory Of Human Caring And Creating A Healthy Work Environment

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For decades, nurses created theories as a foundation and framework for practice. Theorists made observations based on experiences, then sought to describe, predict outcomes and solve problems. One such problem, recently identified by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses, is maintaining a healthy work environment to decrease high turnover rates, nurse burn out, and adverse patient outcomes. By illuminating factors that create a healthy work environment, nurse leaders can improve retention, enhance job satisfaction, and provide better patient centered care ( Citation?). The aim of this paper is to explore the relationship of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring and creating a healthy work environment. The following sections are highlighted: Defining The Theory of Human Caring, Literature Review, Background of Healthy Work Environment, Interpretation of Theory, Creating a Healthy Work Environment, and Strategies for Implementation.
Defining The Theory of Human Caring The Theory of Human Caring incorporates a holistic approach and focuses on relationships. Watson calls this caring science, which she centers on a ten caritas process. These processes provide a guide to incorporate caring into the nurse’s personal and professional life. The processes include: Embrace altruistic values and practice loving kindness with self and others; Instill faith and hope and honor others; Be sensitive to self and others by nurturing individual beliefs and practices; Develop…

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