The Relationship Between Business Strategy and Information Technology Strategy

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Business strategy is the long term operating plan of a company; this plan specifies vision, mission and objectives through the development of policies. Information strategy can be used to implement the business strategy of a company; technology can be the tool by which a business can achieve its goal. The marrying or collaboration of the two is an ideal, to which companies theorize is the future. In the case of Jack Lowry of Goldman Industrial, the collaboration of business strategy and information strategy should be in the here and now. (Worthen 2001) Jack Lowry had a vision of collaboration between companies that do business together. Information technology strategies implemented at Goldman Industrial would facilitate …show more content…
(Worthen 2001) Like the previous example the ideal is attainable but there are components that need to be place first before this ideal becomes a reality. Much can be learned from the two examples illustrated, for example in the case of Jack Lowry and Goldman Industrial, having suppliers and buyers actively engaged in the ideal, each on the same page every step of the progression towards the ideal. The CIO’s of each company working together in the implementation of the necessary technological upgrades. According the article written by Worthen It is was very expensive to upgrade technology at Goldman Industrial, perhaps a group effort where everyone collectively adds to the overall project, thereby cutting the costs of individually upgrading. This would also ensure that all parties involved are integrated and compatible. The B2B exchange ideal is viable, but not as a main focus, more like an offshoot of already available business processes. (Sawhney 2002) An example of this is the company Celarix mentioned in the article. “Celarix engages in collaborative logistics and at the early stage of its business strategy had two goals one was to match vendors with customers; the other was to supply software that would allow for the overseeing of all matters dealing with transportation.” (Sawhney 2002) According to the article, Celarix, as it grew realized it needed to concentrate on specific areas and they chose “software and services like system

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