The Reflection Of Writing And Writing

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There are a variety of things humans do in their everyday lives without noticing them. They breathe, walk, read, and write. Looking back, most humans did not know to read or write before the age of five. These are things a person learns and may never or get how to do, much like riding a bike. Being taught to write is one of the strongest skills and gifts that a person can maintain and develop throughout a lifetime. One can never be done learning how to write; new techniques, styles, and forms arise on a daily basis and allowing creativity to flow is an unending process. Through the process of writing and the writing done in the class, I have come to learn a great deal about myself and others. Writing acts as a form of communication. People …show more content…
First, Project 2 was writing about a very specific writing ecology. I chose to write about the writing ecology of Fashion writing, specifically in blog writers, magazine writers, and product description writers. This project effectively demonstrates me meeting of this goal because of the extensive research and my unique way of presenting the information. By using a Prezi, this furthermore demonstrates the idea that writing does not have to exist solely in an essay format, but can come in a multitude of fashions. The papers I included from my philosophy class show that I have the ability to write for different situations and audiences. These papers were more of research style, but included person thought and application of sources used in the classroom and provided by the professor. Lastly, the Bazerman reading response further acts as evidence by the quote in my response saying “This means that people are likely to follow the rules and not go against the norm of the class and expectations of a classroom. Moreover, readers are encouraged look at new texts and new groups to gather information and view a unique perspective” (See Bazerman response page 1). These demonstrates Bazerman’s knowledge of different writing groups and situations and shows my application of the knowledge of a scholar in the field of writing. Overall, my ability to understand how writing is a social interaction is demonstrated through these

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