The Reflection Of Philosophy: My Philosophy Of Life

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Cristy Lyn Kwan Rivera BSED – Math II Philo23 – A

When we say philosophy, it varies from person to person. It is how one view life through gained knowledge or experiences. You may have a certain philosophy that matches with the others but not exactly the same. There are other aspects of that philosophy of yours that differ from the others. What is then my own philosophy? I’ve learned there are two types of reflection we make in life – the primary and the secondary reflection. It is in the secondary refection in which we try to answer questions that we ourselves can only answer. What is my purpose in life? Why am I here on this earth? Almost all of us are asking these same questions every day. For a child, this question makes no sense.
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May it be a fixed answer but still can change as you continue your life onto the future. Being born a Catholic, I was taught to live my life in accordance with the will of God. Until now, that’s what I believe in. I believe in the existence of God although there may be no evidence of his existence. But I can feel his presence in every day that I’ve been exploring this life I have. This life He have given us is a journey. Along the way, we encounter bumps in the road that we are travelling. With us is God accompanying and guiding us in each decision that we make in life. In each decision that we make, we always think of the consequences. We always see to it that what we choose is the right one but, quoted from one of my favourite authors, Colleen Hoover, “…sometimes, in life, you have to choose between a bunch of wrong choices and no right ones. You just have to choose which wrong feels …show more content…
Once we reach that point, we are still not contented and still search for more. But does it last forever? No. As people say, “Walang forever” except in God. Earthly desires are only temporary. It only make up a part of the true happiness we are looking for. Contentment, I believe, is what would give us true happiness. We should be contented on what we have. I’m not saying that we are not allowed to achieve for something more but we must make sure that what we are striving is something what we need, not what we want. There are cases when we try to grab something we want, we forgot others. You may not be aware of it but you are already stepping into others. Where's the love there then? On the other hand, contentment from a low ideal in life is wrong. Why settle for less when you could have the best? Don't be contended with partial failures when actually, you could have full success. Let's just bare in mind that in everything we do, try not to cause pain to

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