The Reflection Of History In Education

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History in Education.
The reflections of history In the last week through our readings and videos, has taken me to a cohesive theme of stripping ones independence, and identity to assimilate in order to educate, and vise verse, one needs to be stricken of all identity within ones differences to what the majority looks like to be worthy of one’s education. The dictating what needs to be of interest, the need to fill a box and conform. Once again, the use of power of education, and that education is power.
In my last blog I was already thinking along this line, with my focus on education is power, a tool that is used against people, as much as it can be used to gain power. The theme is still cohesive in this form, where, again, we see power being used. We read in the boarding house schools of the Native Americans and how their identity was stricken from them, their hair cut, and their clothing changed, making them conform to those who were “teaching” them how to function and live the “correct” ways of those who oppressed and took over their land and lives.
It’s easy to discuss the past though. It’s easy to point out where the flaws are, and what was done wrong. It’s even easy to apologize for those wrong doings. I
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It has been proven that with education, there is more equality, there is economic security, not only for the individual but for all that is surrounded in the community that is educated. It is a protective factor. When one is not educated it is a risk factor. It is also a risk factor to force those to be something they are not. To strip or to deny anyone, of their independent belief system, uniqueness of culture and self-identity and how it equates to taking one’s self knowledge. To truly have a community where everyone has equal opportunity, and to have a unity, one must allow room for all ones

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