The Reasons For Business Economics Essay

1100 Words Oct 31st, 2015 null Page
The reason I want to progress in to business economics because I believe that it is the perfect blend for me, as I have a keen interest for both business and economic sector, so being able to do business economic would allow me to emphasis on the business aspect of economic such as business organization, management, expansion and strategy. Theses factors would allow me to succeed in the pathway I want to go towards and would give me a resilient perceptive on how the business side of economics manoeuvres.
My preparation for the degree started from my A levels at AS I choose Business studies, ICT and Psychology from all of my course that I learned something innovative such as in Business Studies I found out how business’s managed themselves, I got introduced to different characteristics of business such as product life cycle, management strategies and many more. These features influenced and disclosed to me that powerful status of a business, essentially is a lot of hard work and dedication to be the best likewise, business studies taught me how to pick out important aspect from case studies by focusing my attention of certain aspect of the case studies such as finance, management, operations and people and apply it in your writing, under timed condition which is virtuous preparation for the degree I want to do. In addition from ICT I enhanced my computer skills such as creating an database from Microsoft assess which I established in my coursework by getting a B, I further…

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