The Reality Of Reality Tv Essay

719 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 3 Pages
If you were to have read Cheryl Isacc’s article, “What Reality TV is doing to Women,” then you would see that reality TV is actually affecting women greatly. Throughout the article, Isacc makes it known that TV shows such as, Celebrity Apprentice, Basketball Wives, and Real Housewives of New York City are in fact corrupting the minds of women and as she states, “makes it hard to tell the difference between a reality star and the average woman.” In my opinion, this means that people are trying hard to be just like their favorite reality stars. This is a bad thing considering the fact that most reality stars are selfish and arrogant. But how does that make sense, aren’t reality stars supposed to be average people? Well that’s just what the producers want you to think. Isacc did a fantastic job of breaking it down and she even talked about a few different age groups. Isacc also went on to state how reality producers more or less encourage their stars to be insane. Nobody would watch a show without all of these things though, and Isacc really brought that to light. There is so much of this article that I agree with and I will most likely always agree with, but with a twist. Isacc’s thoughts on the idea of reality TV are very useful because they shed light on the difficult problem of bullying. While she talks about bullying in her article she only leads towards women. Well actually her whole article is only about women but I feel as though it is also true to men. A lot of…

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