The Reality Of Beauty And Substance Abuse Around The World Essay

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Catholic Morality
Why are we taught to be a good catholic? Many people in this world have a lot of problems in their lives. Many go through tragic events and experience many things in their lives. Today in our society it 's hard to be "perfect", no one is in this world is especially with this generation. We believe God will take us in a path where we all struggle in our lives. Many people in this world judge on how we dress, how we look and what we do out in public. In this paper, I will discuss one how self esteem effects each and every one of us, the reality of beauty and substance abuse around the world. I will also discuss on how these applied to what I have learned this year in effect to the generation we live in.
Self-esteem could be defined as how a person feels about his or herself. It determines if you are satisfied with certain aspects of your life, for example, your appearance, your personality, your abilities and your relationship with others. Usually people are very judgmental with themselves, comparing themselves to others, and making decisions about themselves based on the comparisons that they make. So it could be that self-esteem refers to the positive or negative evaluation of ourselves. Some people have a higher self-esteem than others do and this could influence the way they think about themselves. Self-esteem could also relate to a person’s response to success, failure changes in fortune, social interactions and other personal experiences.
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