Binge Drinking: A Public Health Issue

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How binge drinking is a public health issue
Sexual assaults, dangerous driving, crimes and bad health are often associated with binge drinking. The NIH reported that up to 50% of all sexual assault cases such as rape involve alcohol consumption of either the predator or the victim. predator (NIH, National Institute on Alcohol abuse and Alcoholism.) When an individual is under the influence of alcohol they are less controlled of their bodies, they are less aware of what is happening around them and people are more likely to take advantage of people. Alcohol can make many people sexually aroused and aggressive and therefore more likely to take out a sexual act. Therefore, this is a public health issue because these kinds of offences can cause
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There are 1.2 million incidents of alcohol related violence each year. When people go on a night out and have a large consumption of alcohol they become deteriorated and would have a problem with anyone or anything because they aren’t in control of their body. When these problems do occur both sides are often in a bad state and have both had a couple of rounds of drinks. Some start getting angry and begin by getting into one another faces, then punches a fight will break out this is when the police are called and turn up at the scenes. Not only does this increase the statistics for violence due to alcohol, but it also increases the statistic of public services having to be used on a night out. Around 80% of A&E admissions are alcohol relate. Whether these are alcoholics or irresponsible people who have drank more than they should have and now are affected by the choices that they chose. From midnight till around 5 am these statistics increase to 70%. Clubs are often open till 4am so as they are open later people want to stay out till the end, but don’t realize that they have been drinking from and early time and forget to spread their drinking out and drink their drinks slowly so therefore this results in them going over the recommend amount of alcohol in one day which can affect certain parts of peoples bodies some worse than others therefore this increases the amount of people in A&E between midnight and five …show more content…
Alcohol related crimes is not an actual legal term, it is more of a popular term heard now because it is so common nowadays. These alcohols related crimes are split up into two main categories of offenses; driving with excessive alcohol in your system or drunkenness offences. Offenses where it is thought that the alcohol is a reason for the person committing the crime. It is estimated that in a community with 100,000 people in 1,000 people will be a victim of alcohol-related crime. Due to this binge drinking is a public health issue because, binge drinking is causing a person to lose this control they have over their own body, they are getting into a car and their reactions towards everything is slower, which is not only going to cause damage to them as a person, but to all the people around them as well which furthermore means that the public health isn’t looking after the health of the population properly and binge drinking is affecting the population in many different ways. Therefore, binge drinking is a public health issue because it is a risk of not only their lives, but also the other people that are on the roads. This then has an effect if they do have an accident as there will be a cost for bring the emergency services to the scene as well as cost for emotional distress for the victims as well as family if there was a death caused by drink

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