The Readings ' Dimensionalizing Cultures ' And ' How Cultures Collide ' By Edward T. And Elizabeth Hall

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The readings “Dimensionalizing Cultures: The Hofstede Model in Context” by Geert Hofstede, “How Cultures Collide” by Edward T. and Elizabeth Hall and “The Role of Culture and Perception in Communication” by Marshall Singer present different models, terminologies and definitions to expose the phenomenon of culture according to each’s author individual perspective. By understanding what culture is, one can also comprehend the meaning and importance of intercultural communication.

Hofstede compares the spectrum of cultures with his five cultural dimensions model. This model uses femininity vs. muscularity, individualism vs. collectivism, the distribution of power, weak-strong uncertainty avoidance and short-long term oriented societies to differentiate one culture from the other.

Hall contrast societies with their ways of communication and body language, he studies them with the terminology of high and low context culture. The term of high context culture is used for countries that rely more on word agreements, their trust is given to a selective group of people and commitment has a greater significance. Characteristics such as “breathing on you” and using many hand gestures while speaking would be part of a high context culture. A low context culture relies on rules and procedures, a very important way of communication for them is space and these type of countries usually tend to be mono chronic which stands for reestablishing self-value and identity.


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