The Radio Show Version Of A Live Radio Play Essay examples

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On December 7th, at 7:30pm, I attended It’s A Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play. Illinois State University’s adaptation of this classic film took place in the Center for the Performing Arts. The actors took the stage as members of a 1940s radio show, playing a multitude of characters depicted in the original film. Although vastly different from the cinema version, this adaptation was very successful due to the congruous 1940s costumes, the use of varied voices to portray numerous characters, and the simulation of environmental sounds to create an accurate setting.
To begin, the radio show version of the play flourished due to the costumes that each character wore. Although this was meant to be a show heard over the radio, the costumes kept up with the idea that this occurred during the 1940s, and assisted in maintaining this imagery for the theatre audience. Each actor wore an outfit appropriate to both their radio personality, and to at least one of the characters they played from the film.
For example, the actor who played Sam Wainwright sported a flashy tuxedo with matching dress shoes. This outfit looked to be quite expensive for the time period, which was relevant to the character. In the story, Sam Wainwright is a wealthy man who moves to New York to continue his career as a manufacturer and make even more money. This also expressed Wainwright’s personality, as he was an over-the-top man who made the point to live well and show that he was doing just that. The actor…

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