The Stage Manager In The Play Our Town By Thornton Wilder

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Throughout Thornton Wilder's play “Our Town” he showcases different aspect he adds to his plays and the various theme's he incorporates into them as well. Such of these aspects is how Wilder created this play by simply using the Stage Manager to not only narrate the play, but also a way to make much like an ordinary citizen of Grover’s Corner. Finally Wilder created different themes throughout his play each theme was to match it’s own act such as life, love and ending with death as the final act. This essay will focus on the way Widler created the Stage Manager to not only narrate and communicate with the audience, but also become a part of the play itself. As well as the way Wilder implemented him almost as a God like being, and how the …show more content…
By stepping into scenes and interacting with other actors. He continues his role either as Mr.Morgan, Mrs.Forrest othe minister, during these scenes we see him for of a normal person and no longer a God like being. Wilder tries to keep the Stage Manger seem more of an average citizen of Grover’s Corner by giving him the roles of the Drug store owner and the Minister. The Stage Manager speaks through the themes of the play and plays a part in them. The Stage Manager is part of the play to help the audience understand what is currently happening in the play. The Stage Manager throughout the play is given a role that stands out much from all the characters in the play as he speaks directly to the audience, but is also portrayed in a way that he as a normal and relaxed citizen of Grove’s Corner. This is seen throughout the play as he has lines which communicate directly to the actors in the play. An example of this is in the third act II, when it was revealed what was the role of the Stage Manager in Grove’s Corner. In act II the Stage Manager states to George as a store owner “I’ll trust you ten years, George, not a day over. Got all over your shock, Emily?”(Wilder, pg.73). In other words, Wilder has given that the Stage Manager is created to be a citizen but. Later in act II the Stage Manager takes on his other role as the Minister at George's and Emily’s wedding when the Stage Manager states “Do you George, take this woman, Emily, to be your wedded wife to be ?(Wilder. pg.81). In other words, the Stage Manager is portrayed as a flexible character throughout the play by playing the role as the Minister, Store owner, and the narrator. Not only does the Stage Manager help the audience but, he is also there to help Emily if she has a problem. Wilder is basically speaking through the Stage Manager is he is wanting to extend the dialogue or want to implement something new into the play. The

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