The Radical Sense Of Personal Responsibility Analysis

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"When I first went to college, some upperclassmen took me aside and asked me if I wanted to graduate. I said, 'Well, yes, of course, I do! ' Then they asked me what kind of grades I wanted to get. I said that I wanted to do very well. 'Then, you will have to learn to love studying, ' they said."

"College is full of distractions, worries and problems. There 's always trouble but if you love studying then you will find a way to do what you need to do anyway, no matter what happens. If you don 't love it, if you are negative about it, if you 're anxious and nervous, or if you hate it or you don 't enjoy it then you will find a way not to do it!"

That made sense. I decided to give it a try. It worked! It worked so well that it carried me
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The Radical Sense of Personal Responsibility- The feeling that I alone am the one who must do something to make my life better, to change my destiny. If I 'm unhappy it 's me, it 's my problem to solve, not my teacher 's problem, not my mother 's or my father 's problem, not my work place, not the world -- it 's something I must do. A student 's underachievement is something that they must want to change themselves.

Help an Underachieving Student Tip #6. Development of a Rational Soul- The ability to be able to think rationally about one 's life - to have rational thoughts, rational feelings, a rational life that commits one to dealing with the real world out there. The ability to meet problems head on and, if you realize current solutions aren 't working, the ability to recognize that and come up with/create solutions to the challenges you face.

An underachieving student cannot do that. They keep running into the same problems, they keep creating the same problems over and over again, whether they 're adults or adolescent children, it doesn 't matter. Sometimes an entire culture is that way. Whole political systems become that way unfortunately. A rational soul is the ability to see that my instinctive reactions, my natural reactions are hurting me. My reactions are not right or adaptive, and they 're not creating a problem-solving effort. So I need creative solutions and a rational world to be able to recognize that and use rational thinking to help myself work, survive, prosper, and become

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