The Quose: Chapter 1: Regret Or Something Else

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Chapter One: Regret or Something Else

A loud ringing noise interrupted Tony from his blissful sleep causing him to wake up. Tony let out a low, groggy voice as he struggled to turn off the alarm, not wanting to open his eyes to look for the button. He was able to stop the god awful beeping without opening his eyes first. Tony slowly opened his eyes letting them adjust and proceeded to look over at his tiny digital clock that sat beside his bed. It read 8:00AM, the time it was set to go off on weekends like always. Even though it was Saturday Tony kept an alarm set so he wouldn’t sleep through the whole day and was able to get things done at a reasonable time. Even though this was routine Tony still didn’t like waking up early. He was never
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Probably from disgust with this body ' Tony thought to himself. Tony gets out of bed and walks into his kitchen, he’s going to make breakfast, for two again it seems. He doesn’t really want to make breakfast for Dax too but if he doesn’t Dax will pull this stupid pout on his stupid face. Tony makes himself some cereal, and took out a box of strawberry waffles; Dax’s favorite which is why the little shit made Tony buy some just for him for when he comes over. Like Tony caters to his every need or some shit. Tony pulled out two waffles and put them in the toaster and started it. He also left out the syrup, Tony is going to leave the waffles in the toaster and the syrup out for Dax to make it himself when he gets up. If the waffles get cold it’ll be Dax’s own fault for getting up so late.
Tony sat down at the couch with the bowl of cereal in one hand and the spoon on the other, he had turned the TV on and it was turned to some comedy channel. 'Dax must have put this on ' Tony thought. Dax loved stand-up comedy shows and anything else comedy related. He must’ve been watching this channel while Tony worked on papers or things of the like for his own job, Dax often hung around Tony’s apartment while he worked, which Tony …show more content…
' and that Tony was being 'no fun. ' but Tony just ignored him anyway. Tony didn’t bother to change the channel, he was too deep in thought to be paying attention anyway. What he thought about was how routine this was, how no matter what he says or how much he rejects Dax he still ends up in these situations. No matter how much he tells himself that he hates this, he never completely objectifies to anything. Consent is fairly given, so if anything it 's not Dax 's fault, it 's his own. Tony got that feeling in the pit of his stomach again. It wasn 't always like this in their relationship of course, Dax wasn 't just some stranger who came out of no where and constantly tried to bang Tony. No, they have quite a history together. Sometimes Tony wanted to think back on how this all started, but it was obvious, and Tony didn 't want to remember that certain part of their history. Although at some point he would have to sit down and actually think about it some day. That day is not today however, today, like every other day, Tony puts the reasoning for his actions to the back of his mind. Tony sat his cereal down on the coffee table that was in front of his couch. It still had bits of cereal floating around a bowl full of milk but at this point Tony

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