Essay The Quality Of A New Ceo

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The best thing to do when you retire and when you are released of your duty is to leave a legacy for others to follow and admire. When Mr. Hsieh is getting ready to retire and leave the company he should mentor the new CEO to keep the same 10 core values, which are the foundation of the company. Also the new CEO has to understand how the “Holacracy” management works. Holacracy management is “takes powers traditionally reserved for executives and managers and spreads them across all employees.” (Feloni. 2016). This also allows the decision making to be distribute throughout the company and he will move to the section where his present and knowledge is needed. He should also emphasis that the employees are not like robots with no physical emotions. The new CEO has to concentrate on the personal and not just profit. Just like a relationship, if the significant other is happy then everything will fall in place and everyone is happy. He has to teach the new management that the staff will work and bend over backwards for the company, if they are treated with respect and dignity and like a family member. When leadership is looking for new staff, they have to view them as a long-term commitment not a disposable asset. During the hiring process you have the 2 step process. First interview is just a regular interview. The second step, is when you have to know if the person is organization fit. Person-organization fit is “the extent to which individual values, interests, behaviors are…

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