The Qualities Of A Self Directed Learner Essay

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Either by," 'novelty, challenge, or aesthetic value," self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learners have a kind of intrinsic interest in what they are learning, making, or doing (Ryan, Deci, 2000). Having cultivated a sense of autonomy these learners are not distracted or incentivized by tangible rewards, threats, deadlines, directives, or competition. They instead can be identified by some of these essential qualities: a curiosity/desire to learn, an ability to see problems as challenges rather than obstacles, an orientation towards specific self-defined goals, someone who takes initiative/is persistent, and someone who is comfortable with that level of independence and responsibility (Cobb, 2013).

There are many more qualities of a self directed learner, but two areas in which I excel are a high degree of curiosity and a deep desire to change. To the former, I have always asked 'why ' even when it came across as stupid to do so. I want to understand how the world works, how people work, what changes them, fascinates them, what brings them closer to joy and further from fear. Any time I feel like I 'm getting close to the bottom a whole new well of questions emerges and that excites me. As for the latter, I 've always had a desire to change, to grow, through educational experiences. I 've always felt at east and interested in the classroom with my peers and with my teachers.

Some areas I need to give some attention to in order to become a more…

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