The Qualities Of A Good Leader Essay

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Few people have the qualities it takes to be a good leader. In order to be a good leader they must have many important skills, qualities, as well as a great personality. There have been many good leaders that guided their followers in the past; included in this list of many would be George Washington. Leaders are not always the people that are seen in action, often times the leader only creates the plan and lets his/her followers carry it out. A good leader is one who guides his/her followers. One way a good leader guides his/her followers is by being a responsible person.Having a responsible leader can have a domino effect causing his/her followers to also be responsible. An example of this is when Jack, who was an organized, accountable, and responsible young man, was the president of the Business Professionals of America chapter. A responsible, accountable leader, such as Jack, is important to have because the followers must trust their leader to make great decisions on their behalf. Jack was a good fit for this position because of the responsibility that he displayed, especially in decision making. The followers also trust that their leader’s decision will have a positive impact.A responsible leader must be able to guide his/her followers while taking action.
Another way a good leader guides is by having the ability to take action. A leader who takes action is one who steps up when no one else wants to. A good example of how a leader takes action in an undesirable…

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