The Purpose, Plan, And Development Of Missions Essay

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The Purpose, Plan, and Development of Missions.
Why is so much time devoted to missions within the history of the Christian Church? From the days of Philip traveling to Samaria, to Augustin sailing for Britain, to Carey ministering in India the push for evangelism has dominated the Church and rightly so. The Christianity has grown to the largest religious group in the world since those 120 Spirit-filled believers at Pentecost. The driving principle behind this massive growth was not awesome music, fancy delivery, or beautiful buildings; but rather a desire to evangelize the lost by carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In short or simple terms this process is called missions.
A Christian mission is more than a mere process; it is simple in theory yet, complex in fulfilling. So what is “missions” exactly? Missions in the most simplest of terms is sending of a believer to a nation, people, or place that needs to hear the message of Jesus. In fact, the word “mission” comes from the Latin “mitto” meaning “to send”. Yet Christian missions is such an in depth study it has its own science called missiology. This simple task has been the controversy and the zeal behind two thousand years of Christian churches of all denominations. (Kane 27)
The controversy of whether or not we should endeavor with missions has always been a hot topic among believers from Peter’s visit with the Gentiles to modern missions to Muslims. But is there any Scriptural proof regarding missions? With a…

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