The Public Awareness Of Sexism Essay

1012 Words Oct 21st, 2016 5 Pages
The public awareness of sexism is increasing in American society. Phrases such as “Get back in the kitchen” and “You hit like a girl” are profusely recycled in daily conversation. Because of this growing epidemic, the feminine hygiene company, Always, created a commercial to bring this delicate matter to light. In their commercial, “Like a Girl”, Always addresses matters of sexism with the cast and audience, both parties unaware of what is to come. Through this commercial, it becomes apparent that sexism may be more prevalent than expected and more deeply rooted than known. Making its first debut during the 2015 Superbowl, mass audiences were reached, aiding in raising public awareness of sexism. Always successfully delivers a powerful message through the portrayal of stereotypes, gender differences, and society 's rigid and unrelenting expectations of women.
The commercial opens with an imaginary audition of a young, blonde teenager. Her nude heels match the color her silky shirt, and she wears dark grey makeup that reveal shining eyes. A director’s board claps in front of her face, promptly followed with the question, “What does it mean to do something ‘like a girl’?” The director asks the blonde to demonstrate the meaning of running “like a girl.” Immediately, the young woman begins to imitate running in place, arms flopping in the air, hands daintily out to her sides to remain ‘balanced.’ She fidgets to adjust her hair, exclaiming a piercing, shrill, girly…

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