The Psychosocial Formation, Transformation, And Transformational Development

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Formation Paper
The topic for this paper is the psychosocial formation, transformation, and transformational development of the doctor of philosophy student into a nurse leader in higher education. The developmental process of the doctoral student is examined using a framework based on Benner, Sutphen, Leonard, and Day’s (2010) Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation, Erikson’s (1950) theory of psychosocial development, Benner’s (1984) Novice to Expert, and Belenky, McVicker Clinchy, Rule Goldberger, and Mattuck Tarule’s (1986) Women’s Ways of Knowing (Appendix A). Benner et al. (2010) borrowed the term formation to describe the traditional formation of the nursing student and transformational to describe the educational changes needed from Foster, Dahill, Golemon, and Tolentino’s (2005) study of clergy education. The term transformational is added to describe the leader’s role in forming future leaders.
Although Erikson’s (1950) lifespan model of development included eight stages, he recognized the role of continued growth and development. Erikson’s first three stages are related to the formation of the nursing student, the next three stages to the transformation of the nurse into a nurse educator, and the last two stages to transformational process into a nurse leader in higher education. Because the developmental process of the doctoral student is iterative rather than linear, learners may regress with each new stage. For example, an experienced nurse…

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