The Psychology Of Psychology : Psychology, Communication, Ethical And Social Responsibility

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Describing how to write well in psychology is both boring and important but in many cases it is inevitable information that needs to stick in minds, especially in that of an undergraduate psychology major. Psychology student must be the author of well-written finals papers to pass the class and graduate to continue on with their research and make it ‘big’ or make a decent living. There are a number of goals that these authors are to keep in mind and apply but four really seems to stand out. Knowledge base in psychology, communication, ethical and social responsibility, and scientific inquiry and critical thinking make the list of importance and these are goals that all Undergraduate Psychology majors must keep in mind and achieve.
Knowledge base in psychology is a crucial part in writing a decent paper as a Undergraduate Psychology major. Using basic psychological terminology is a great start in accomplishing this goal. It must be used to effectively explain and interpret behavior and mental process. The essayist must also recognize the power of the context in shaping conclusion about an individual’s behavior.
A starting point for a decent, well written undergraduate psychology paper is describing the basic biological and psychological components of behavioral explanations. Describing and demonstrating a basic knowledge of psychological observations and operational definitions can also be described as “using scientific reasoning to interpret behavior” (Lilienfeld,…

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