The Psychological Theory Of Depression Essay

1995 Words Nov 18th, 2016 8 Pages
This paper looks at depression in an adolescent teen, named Doris. Depression is defined as a mood disorder characterized by several symptoms such as sadness, irritability, sleep problems, to name a few. I will discuss the symptoms displayed and reported by the client. I will evaluate the symptoms and determine which of the psychological theories can be most useful to the client. Furthermore, I will discuss how this psychological theory explains the client development and the manifestation of her problems.


As Doris entered the room, I immediately realized that she was a very timid young adult. I greeted and welcomed her as she placed herself in the chair facing mine. She barely kept eye contact with me as I greeted her. As a person-centered therapist, I do not need any detailed assessment about Doris in order to accomplish effective therapy. Doris was initially very intrigued by the non-directive approach I was talking with her. Although, she often asked, “Aren’t you supposed to be the one asking me the questions?” I simply told her that she can talk about anything that is on her mind. I could see that she had experience being counseled before and also she was accustomed to not being in control of her own voice or having the freedom to speak freely. Her reaction suggested that she was not used to being allowed to experience autonomy and self-determination. Her reaction to being in control of saying whatever she feels and what is on her…

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