The Psychological Effects Of Of Marijuana Essay example

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Marijuana is a very controversial topic in today’s society. Everybody from local potheads, to priests, are talking about marijuana. Researchers have studied the psychological effects of marijuana on an adolescents’ (14-17) and adult’s brain, such as their impulsivity, attention, memory and decision making. Hypothesis Ultimately because marijuana is such a controversial topic, researchers have decided to study marijuana and its lasting effects, mostly on adolescents, because “one out of ten teens said they smoke marijuana at least twenty or more times a month” (CBS). When compared to the 2008 survey, marijuana use has risen by 80% in adolescents according to CBS also. Researchers study the use of marijuana because so many adolescents, and even adults are smoking Ganja, chronic and more popularly known as weed, society and parents need to know what kind of effect it has on the brain and behavior of their teens, and or themselves. Researchers recruited adolescents and adults from the Winston-Salem, NC are; forty-five marijuana users, and forty-eight non-users. The non-users in this experiment could not have ever smoked marijuana before, while the users had a history of smoking marijuana at least four days and six months. The participants responded to a television, and radio advertisement (Donald M. Dougherty, etc). While conducting the experiment, participants were asked to give a breath and urine samples for alcohol and drug screening. Participants had to complete a Barratt…

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