The Psychological Behaviors Of People Essay

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Question 1
A.) & B.) Health Psychology has to be the most interesting topic from the many divisions of the APA. Conducting research based on the psychological behaviors of people is being related to ones health. The key that most interests me is how they are conducting research on unhealthy behaviors. They relate to psychology in many ways. Unhealthy behaviors can lead to many bad choice you make such as: drugs, un-protective sex, alcohol, smoking, stress, diet, obesity, and etc. I can see how this relates to one another. For example, If I were to say young adults have been eating unhealthy food causing then to be obessed, that would be my opinion. You will not technically know the exact reason on why they are obesed or how they got in the situation in the first place. Its not stated that just because they eat a lot they will end up obesed. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. Medicince and diet sure can fix these problems but, they are more likely to re-occur again. If we get into the depth of things we can start looking at behaviors of these young adults. What psycohogical behavior are these young adults portraying? We can conduct experiments such as are the reasons behind them, maybe something personal. Most young adults have problems that they can’t overcome. Some such as society, unhappy, stress, peer-pressure, and many more. This is where the Health Psychology division conducts experiments.
C.) I know that in the future personally I would love to…

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