The Psychological Aspects Of A Hopeless Girl Who Has No Knowledge Of The World

1293 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
A hopeless girl who has no knowledge of the world and lived in innocence stumbles across a somber road of destruction in which she suffers harsh social stigma on her personal business of casting out a burden which would ultimately may have lead to a poor life quality on the infant’s part; she had just gotten an abortion. A very touchy subject in which society has created a large stigma (characterized as disgraceful) towards females because they had chosen to have an abortion. Abortion is a personal and individual decision a mother may have to choose, for a variety of reasons. The main controversy is, whether or not females undergo psychological changes when she has an abortion. Does a woman who chooses to have an abortion in result of a rape undergoes the same or similar experiences as a woman who wasn’t sexually assault? Moreover, what are the main psychological aspects of a woman who was raped, or sexually assaulted? The overall focus of this essay is not to create a conclusion or a statement that states exactly what every woman will undergo; but merely to analyze the possibility of the women having any psychological issues. Abortion due to rape is completely acceptable due to the concept of morality and the amount of loss the women loses in result of the rape, sexual assault, or incest. There is a possibility of a woman, who undergoes an abortion, may experience a variety of psychological distresses, emotional conflict, or physical effects that may be permanent, or suffer…

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