Abortion Effect Essay

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Everyone knows that having an abortion has an effect on multiple people; whether it be the mother, friend, partner, or anyone. There are many different factors that are needed to be put into play when it comes to thinking about an abortion. Not only will it affect a body physically, it will affect it emotionally, and possibly affect those around you. There are several examples as to how abortion can harm your body physically. After the process is over, there is a significant chance that bleeding will occur. This is very common among women after they have an abortion. Also, infection could take place. “A pelvic infection can lead to high fever, hospitalization, and pelvic organ scarring” (Birthmothers Ministries 1). This specific side effect …show more content…
“Recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) report fewer than one death per 100,000 legal abortions due to complications. Though rare, abortion can directly cause death as the result of bleeding, infection, organ damage, or other complications. Long term, women who have abortions are four times more likely to die within the year following their pregnancy than women who carry to term” (Birthmothers Ministries). There are also long term risks. “Abortion can hinder future reproductive success. It substantially increases the risk of subsequent preterm birth, which seriously threatens the lives and health of newborn children. The risk of premature delivery increases with each additional abortion. Abortion is also associated with an increased risk of infertility, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and placenta previa” (Stark 1). Therefore, after having an abortion, there is a high risk that there will be complications with other pregnancies in the …show more content…
“She can experience shock or horror, she can experience a sense of loss and grief, and she can be filled with remorse, grief and guilt. These emotions are often repressed and denied. In the short term emotions are numbed” (Family & Life 1). Some symptoms also include, guilt, anxiety, feeling numb, depression, among many other things.
Not only do the mother’s and father’s of the child have to deal with the pain of having to decide and actually go through with an abortion, the family and friends also have to deal with stress. I know that if a good friend of mine or family member decided to get an abortion and I could not talk her out of it, I would feel guilty myself. Although it would not be my fault the slightest bit, it would put a lot of stress on me. In many cases, peers to the woman go through depression and anxiety themselves. Personally speaking, I do not believe that abortion should be legal for all cases. The only time I would even consider it to be okay is in instances of rape. Even then, that is still a human’s life. The effects that abortions have on women and the people around them are just more reasons why abortions should be illegal in my opinion. Every life is just as important as the next, so to me, I could not possibly imagine ending someone’s life before it even

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