The Psychological And Physical Effects Of Abortion Essay

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Every day teens and adults face the dilemma of abortion or other options. It has been estimated that there have been over 54 million abortions since 1973 when the Roe v. Wade case took place. It has also been estimated that 21 percent of all pregnancies end in an abortion ( Commonly the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy is because the parents involved are unable to provide a stable life for their child, the pregnancy was unintended, possible health risks, and several other reasons. In some cases, women make this decision out of shock and fear. Regardless of the reason, women should scope out options that are more beneficial to themselves and their child. The concept that every child deserves to live is the most substantial point to remember. The decision to have an abortion contradicts completely. Various psychological effects can develop after abortion along with physical effects.
Before discussing the topic of the psychological and physical effects of abortion, background information must be revealed. Abortion is often known as early termination of a pregnancy either by a surgical procedure or by taking medication. Most of these terminations occur during the first trimester of pregnancy and can take place during the second. This procedure became legal in the United States in 1973 after the Roe v. Wade case took place. The court came to the final ruling that the decision to have an abortion must be left up to the judgment of the woman…

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