Yes Or No To Marijuana Research Paper

Yes or No to Marijuana? Marijuana legalization has been a big issue in the United State that everybody has talked about for a long time .Marijuana is a plant which is used for medical uses and personal pleasure; it 's also been an old medicine in some cultures in old centuries. It can help people who have cancers or super hyper person or mentality issues, and chronic pain. In early 2012, two states in the USA have legalized marijuana, these two states view of point that marijuana isn 't more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes; also it can benefit increasing the tax income of state and reduce the crimes. On the other hand, the rest of the states claim that cannabis could lead to harder drugs and it might lead us to legalize other drugs as well. They also claim that it would be the chances of the drug falling into the hands of kids and increasing the dangers of secondhand smoke-damage. Marijuana should be legal and controlled by the federal department as what happens in Colorado and Washington in last November when the citizens voted. First, marijuana has been used for medical issues for decade. They prescribe it for alleviating muscle spasms, headache, and …show more content…
According to Drug Policy Website," The drug war is responsible for hundreds of billions of wasted tax dollars and misallocated government spending." For example, organized crimes, gangs have the most gain finically by illegal sales. By legalization of marijuana, all the sales of it will be under the government control and under the tax law. On the other hand, illegal sellers will stop because they will be having jobs. The legalization demands opening shops, paying tax, and limitation of growing tress, which each of these fields will offer a job to a cannabis smoker, jobless searchers, and increase the tax of each state. In addition, in February, Colorado has collected $1.43 million from 10 percent sales tax on recreational

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