The Pros And Cons Of Trump Essay

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The Pros and Cons of Trump In a presidential election, both the country and its voters are looking to elect the next leader of the United States, and expect him/her to be fair, professional, and educated in terms of politics. The campaigning process has already begun, and those running for next year’s presidency have portrayed to the country what they have to offer. However, out of the seventeen most prominent eligible candidates for the 2016 through 2020 campaign, none have stood out more than Donald Trump. Trump, a 69-year-old New York businessman, is known for his massive success throughout the country in a variety of ventures, such as real estate, reality TV, and his investments. His charisma has caught the eye of all voters, leading him to become a frontrunner out of all Republican candidates. However, besides being a successful businessman, Trump has very little political experience, which could hinder voter’s decisions in the long run.
Overall, public opinion of Donald Trump runs the gamut from admiration for him to complete disdain. American voters will have to deal with this mixed bag of emotions to decide which of Trump’s characteristics they feel make him qualified to lead their country. As years of economic down spiral have taken its toll on the United States, one of the most overwhelming problems is and has been national debt. According to Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin who spoke to U.S.NEWS, America’s debt is expected to increase exponentially. In the…

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