Cadaver Pros And Cons

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Two people’s lives can be changed in one transaction, the sale of an organ. This allows you to gain a healthy organ why the other is getting money to supply them with the needs to provide for their family. The only thing standing in the way is our government banning the opportunity for one to accept cash for organs. We have over 300,000 Americans suffering and over 2,000 dying why they wait on the transplant list. When a patient has no matching family members they are placed on a deceased donors list. In the United States alone, there are over 60,000 people in line waiting for a cadaverous organ. A cadavers organ doesn’t nearly last as long as getting an organ from a healthy individual. The reason for this is a cadaver’s organ has a higher chance of being old or damaged and last up to ten years at most. Once the organ they’ve received stops functioning the individual gets put back onto the transplant list. While a living organ could last them a lifetime. Due to these odds, people have turned to another solution the Black Market. “For about $150,000, they can buy a fresh kidney from a healthy, living donor.” The surgery is arranged to be …show more content…
By changing from the “Black Market” to a legal formation it would be a safer and healthier surgery for all participants. Right now everyone has blind folds on keeping them from being seen. The focus is on more of the cover up method instead of the risk factors involved. Both the donor and the acceptor need to have multiple checkup visits before and after the procedure takes place. Education on the risk factors could improve how to be not only a good donor but a good receptor as well. After all, the organ is no good if the body rejects the organ or if the organ is damaged unknowingly. When one rejects the organ they do go back to the bottom of the donor list waiting in line once

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