Slotkin's Myth Of The Vietnam War

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There is a stark contrast to the Vietnam War, which ultimately gives way to an agreement that although lives were lost in the Iraq War it was far more successful in the a number of soldiers surviving. “Between 1 January 1961 and 31 December 1972 there were 56,838 deaths among military personnel in Vietnam and a total of 2,608,650 person-years of exposure” (Buzzell 2007, 557) this gives way to the death rate being almost 22% per thousand which in turn ends up being about 5.5 times hirer than that of the Iraq War. There are attributes that give way to the Iraq War being one with fewer casualties given the advancement in war tactics and the ability to evacuate areas much quicker than before giving severely …show more content…
Obama also began to pick up the pieces of the Iraq War that had been waging for almost a decade in which he declared that all troops would withdraw from Iraq and the war would then conclude on December 18, 2011, with the last United States troops leaving the country. There are drawbacks however to this administration under Slotkin’s Myth of the Frontier, which include but are not limited to, mainly the removal of the troops from the ground. Slotkin’s myth or essentially the parts that I am focusing on require that there be cowboys (soldiers) to fight the terrorists (the others). This group of others includes terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and countless others that have been named during the Obama Administration’s time in office, which is a nod in the direction of Slotkin’s Frontier …show more content…
The key piece in shredding this myth apart, however, would be the usage of drones to create a technological warfare in which unmanned aircraft carriers would be used to attack intended targets. It also goes without saying that although the technology used requires human input as well which can lead to catastrophic disasters such as the Afghanistan hospital which was hit by a drone strike killing doctors and children or the amount of civilian casualties that have skyrocketed since the implementation of the drones.
This section of the paper will detail the Obama administration’s usage of drones over the course of his two terms in office, the statistics of how many deaths there have been using this technology as well as legal responses to events such as the bombings of hospitals and the supposed ever-expanding kill list of the Obama administration.
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