Sex Education Vs. Single Gender Education

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Carlos is in the eighth grade in a co-ed school. Right now he is taking several classes after school to help him learn better because he is lower to his grade level. The school talked to Carlos parents and told them if Carlos had the same low score on the final he would have to stay in the same grade level. Carlos wants to go to high school with his friends, but it all seems impossible. Carlos regrets having spent all the semester putting his education aside to impress a girl that ended up with another boy. This all could have been avoided if Carlos would off gone to a school that had single gender classrooms. Carlos would have had paid attention in class if the girl that he liked wasn’t present in his class room. This problem happens more than what a person thinks it does. Usually a students will do worse in his education to attract the opposite gender or at least get their attention. K-12 single gender education offers more benefits such as more focus, feel more comfortable, and individual learning style. Many studies have been done over time to answer the unknown question. Which system is better co-ed or single gender schools? The answer is still unknown. Instead of separating boys and girls completely, we should just …show more content…
Teen pregnancy rate could be brought down because each gender can feel more comfortable asking questions when having sex-ed class. Many times students have unanswered questions because they fill that the opposite gender is going to make fun of them or be immature and make an inappropriate comment. Also temptation of having sex might be brought down if opposite genders don’t see each other as much. “The UK national strategy for reducing rates of teenage pregnancy…” (Strange1). By being separated of their opposite gender, they will get less ideas or chances of going off to have sex, because they are always going to be monitored either at schools by teachers or at home by

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