The Pros And Cons Of Robots

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Jobs that were made by humans have been taken by the advancement of technology.
Film makers are perhaps the greatest psychics to live. Movies produced far before this type of technology evolved it was just a figment of imagination to everyone. Today’s technology has brought the Sci-Fi movies to reality with slithering snakes and creepy crawling roaches that carry mini computers inside of them. The technology is being used to detect the lost survivors in disaster areas because they can survive through the tough terrain that human first responders can 't fit and maneuver through like small cracks and crevices. Although they are creative in design, they have to maintain the intellectual standards of robots the way people have seen them portrayed
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Masami Ito believes this creation is going to change the way we live and how the generations to come will live. However, there are positives and negatives to having these computer operated machines. They are expensive to make, however they can get the job done better than any canine or human because of the ability they have to fit into tight spaces without any problems. Many people want robots and somehow a lot of people fear them when they have no reason to. Learning to adapt to the robots and not fear them is going to relieve a lot of stress and make lives easier. "A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm." (Ito) Robots aren 't harmful unless they 're programmed to do otherwise which is a misconception about these computerized machines. Sci-Fi movies have given robotics a bad impression by making them seem like disloyal backstabbers when they 're not. Although a robot can be hacked and used as a juggernaut against mankind, the security has to be top notch and be able to catch or stop anyone who would try to harm a population. Robots are mirroring humans so they can show us what it is like to be a human. "Robots are a natural extension of technology... Robots allow humanity to advance." (Ito) The future of technology still has barriers to break and this is not the end. The future of robotics in rescue missions is an up and coming popularity for …show more content…
It seems as if people don’t understand how hard it is to create such a complicated piece of technology that will complete its tasks given without severe complications. Humans are lucky compared to robots because they don’t have it easy “But things we take for granted are incredibly hard for a robot.” (Rosen) The little task we do would take a robot almost double the time depending on how complicated it is. They’re interesting for people who like to watch and observe the awesome use and ability of these machines. These robots are put in challenge tasks to compete against one another and see who the better machine to do the job that’s given. They bring a great large crowd just to see them in action and the people love to watch and see the future of our world performance everyday tasks. Its very mind blowing to watch something you seen on television come to reality and be functioning in your everyday life like its not awkward. Most people see these machines as protagonist of movies living life like a normal

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