The Pros And Cons Of Parenting License

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Raising a child is one of the most challenging parts of a parent 's life. Even though we have the freedom to retain our child after birth, we should assimilate not to abuse the power of possessing them with nothing restricting us. These days, we are getting closer and closer to the topic of licensing parents. Imagine that you cannot raise your own child without consent from the government. (That means the child would forcibly be removed from you if you do not receive a license.) Because of that, there is a common debate out there: should parents have licenses to take care of their own child? Why cannot raising a human require a license? Well, to drive, own a dog, be a doctor, purchase and serve alcohol, etc. you will be required to have some sort of license. Despite all of this, parenting licenses are a different story. This is not a good idea. Parenting licenses cause too much government control, can keep parents from expressing the way they own their child, and is completely unethical. Parenting licenses are unethical. You cannot just rip away a child from their parents like pandas do. If we humans want our child and are prepared for it, we should be able to keep them. At …show more content…
When two people want to start a family, they do everything possible to make sure this kid will be in a bright and great future. When accidents happen, it is up to the guardians to make the decision to keep their child. Unless it is serious, it should not be up to the government making your choices. For the future, every one of of us adults should learn to become more responsible in our actions because as this debate continues to sprout, it can possibly come into effect to us one day and we would want to do everything possible to prevent that. As it is unethical, too much government control, and restricting parents from expressing the way they parent, parenting licenses are an abhorrent idea and should never be implemented to our

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