The Pros And Cons Of Magnet Schools

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The sibling rule instilled in residential community magnet schools are denying the opportunity for students academic advancement due to insufficient spaces taken by younger siblings. Parents such as Mr. Hartig are outraged by this rule and are advocating for change in order to ensure their child’s opportunity at receiving a better education. Dallas Independent School district sibling preference policy creates an unfair opportunity for qualifying students, giving an unfair advantage to students who academically did not qualify. As well as creating a educational gap among students by prohibiting advanced students to attend magnet schools.
Mr. Hartig’s son Sam Hartig currently attends DISD’s Travis elementary school, Mr. Hartig loves the school and its staff but his son, Sam, is “bored almost to tears” because he is not academically challenged. Mr. Hartig solution to this was to enroll Sam into a magnet school that would better suit
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Many also believe that when siblings attend the same school it then allows for greater parent involvement within the school. Currie a board of education trustee states, “ We shouldn’t split the families up and water down that parental engagement”. The policy was instilled in order to benefit the lives of the parents as they balance working lives and childcare. The Dallas Independent School district sibling preference policy has its pros and cons. Unfortunately, the pros benefit the lives of the parents rather than being focused on the educational advancement of their students. The policy unfairly gives opportunities to students because of family affiliation while creating an education gap within their students, therefore affecting the entire district. DISD should seek to make revision in order to create a better-suited learning environment for each

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