The Pros And Cons Of Herbal Treatments

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Although people have been using herbal treatments for thousands of years, there is a reason that modern medicine and technology was invented. The other things did not work. The treatment of illnesses through medication, doctors, and therapists work for basically all modern medical issues. I suppose that it feels nicer to take a natural substance than to take a pill that could have harsh side effects. I’ve realized throughout these critiques that many people seem disenfranchised with the insurance company and healthcare programs in the US and around the world. I understand why people are frustrated at times, but I think they lose sight of the medical perspective.
The majority of medical scientists, doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. go into the field of medicine because they have a desire and drive to help others. Whether it is with a physical ailment, a mental illness, or discovering a new cure for a disease. There might be negative aspects to the healthcare system and big insurance companies, but that doesn’t mean that
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However, everything about this article seems biased to prove the author’s point and none of the information is connected through research. This article is based off a study that was done in Iran that concluded that vitamin D deficiencies could double the risk of schizophrenia. Why the author chose a study conducted in Iran to prove a false claim about Americans is beyond me. There isn’t any critical analysis of the study that was done in Iran, and I don’t see how it connects to American prevalence of schizophrenia to begin with. Couldn’t it then be said that anyone in the world with a vitamin D deficiency has double the risk of developing schizophrenia? There isn’t any evidence to back this claim, so it’s strange that the author states this with such

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