Strict Gun Policy

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The United States has been in a conflicting stance on guns, as some people oppose the idea of the government taking away their guns as this act would deny them the second amendment while others have been for eliminating guns from the equation of entirety, as it leads to many homicides and mass shootings over the years. The question then arises: Do we need a strict gun policy or eliminate guns completely? As research suggests, in the United States, guns can be linked to many things like suicide, homicide, and armed robbery among many other things. The media tries to answer this question by providing personal interviews with family members or friends of people who had a loved one been killed by gun related incident or have polls/surveys. However, …show more content…
Some would want to ban all guns but as a response, many people would feel that they are being denied the second amendment, as it allows the right for the people to bear arms. In an article written by Mike Stobbe from“The Denver Post” he starts off by going against the idea that over time, there would be research that provides the causes gun violence and find a gun policy that will effectively reduce the homicide and suicide rates in the United States. With use of statistics by Centers Of Disease Control and Prevention, Stobbe immediately uses the tactic of stating the position, then use statistics to strengthen their argument. ” Deaths from gunfire have been holding steady at about 32,000 a year, with nearly half of them occurring in the South” (Stobbe 1). What is being highly emphasized in the statistic that Stobbe is referring, 32,000 people are getting killed by gunfire, thus gets the audience engaged as it provides a given statistic to display it as fact and emotional appeal in fear as this death toll is significantly large. As for the frame, it becomes heavily implied by Stobbe that guns are a serious problem in the United States and should be controlled. However, there seems to be major elements that are being ignored, in the statistic that Stobbe mentioned in the article, it does not explicitly say how this is an issue towards the entire nation as it seemed more of a problem towards the south by saying that half of the deaths are occurring in the south. Also, worth noting the phrase “gunfire” as Stobbe stated 32,000 people were killed by gunfire. If this were the case, then the nation’s security would be in question, as the definition of gunfire is the exchange of shots via a gun. This seems exaggerated as this number is a high death count. If Stobbe would change the word gunfire to gun related incidents, then the frame of banning

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