Blurred Social Media

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Social networking allows for individuals all over the world to be connected to one another. The standards of living have changed due to technology advancements such as Facebook. The features it offers are both positive and negative, however as we will soon discover, these lines are blurred. To understand the way Facebook positively and negatively works we must first understand what social networking is, by explaining the combination of ties and nodes intertwined with social and relationship capitals. Nodes are made up of specific people or groups and ties are the actual connections within the group. Social Capital is the idea that you have the hook up rather than the Relationship Capital which is how you got the hook up connection. Moving forward, …show more content…
Constant innovations and updates to technology have shown how important it is to everyday life, education, transportation, communication and more that demands the technological support. A key development was the ability to access social networking from phones. This contributes to why this generation is constantly online. Accessing social networks have never been so easy as opening a cell phone and loading the associated app. This shows that people today rely on social networking to get updated on what friends are up to, what is happening around the world, sports updates, celebrity gossip and to construct their virtual identity. There has been many things that individuals avoid addressing; the negatives. Terms and conditions have been put into place to remove legal liability to companies, and the consumer must accept them to use their services. The issue being is that no one ever reads these terms. Declining the terms equals refusal of service, therefore to follow the crowd the user must ignore their curiosity and just accept the risks. Giving up on privacy allows companies to share personal identities and information as a profit to allow users to access their services for “free”. Social Networking allows users to create an online identity and gives them the ability to control their lives as Theodor Adorno best put it by

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