Moral Compass

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Find a Moral Compass In a Growing Technologically Advanced Society Today we live in a society that is constantly evolving. This evolution, the transformation from standard items or uses of technology based living, is outpacing our societal expectations. Instead of textbooks, in person communications, and leaving things up to nature, people in society are now switching to computer based learning, primarily phone or computer communication, and using technology to determine things such as the sex of a child before birth. With technological advances’ unfolding right in front of our eyes, the line between what is moral and immoral has been blurred. What is right to do for the society or the individual is not as easily understood due to the rapid …show more content…
Due to technological progresses this optimistic idea is becoming more and more possible; however, with greater things comes greater responsibilities. Our society must create moral standards and boundaries to protect itself against misuse. Believing that, “the more people do something the less risky it becomes for each individual”, has had a negative effect upon the greater mass (Singer, 463). For example, nowadays kids of all ages use computers, phones, laptops, and other such devices. Though meant for good, such as early learning, grasping attention, and communication, technology has passed some boundaries with children but the line is unclear. Because technology keeps developing so quickly by the time someone has put barriers on one type of technology, another has come out. Another example is social media, however, this area of technology has affected not only kids but also adults. Social networks have placed in us a false reality that suggests it is acceptable to share where we are at any moment and share what were doing because everyone needs to know. Doing this, openly sharing all types of information, “ we sign away our privacy in exchange for the convenience of modern living” (Singer, 462). Technology like Facebook is reflecting a change in our social norms in regard to privacy and it is not for the best. Individuals must be responsible and protect their own privacy or …show more content…
In previous times when things such as the internet was not accessible or in use, privacy was not a big issue. Privacy around home or city issues such as locks on the door or public safety in the streets. Nowadays, privacy has expanded to a whole other dimension, where privacy can be overstepped in less than a minute, without being near the person, and without the person understanding that their boundaries have been broken. Nowadays, our society has believed that they should be able to control all their decisions and choices, even in regards to other people. People want to make every decision and the problem with that thinking is that sometimes people do not think of the consequences or realize that it affects other people’s lives. Taking upon every decision, put more pressure and responsibility upon the people, away from the government, and away from nature or God. Technology through the internet or materials and the majority based decision making due to technology has come so far that it comes to question what is moral and immoral. It makes the people question what is their privacy, if it has boundaries, and it gives them beliefs that they control more than they ought to. The idea that that we can genetically mutate embryo or that we provide information without looking at the consequences is an obscured development. Though these

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